Rhino Himalayan Rock Salt


Himalayan Rock Salt is both cost effective and a natural source of essential minerals and trace elements. Here at Rhino Products we are proven and trusted suppliers of Himalayan Rock Minerals for Bovine and Equine animals in Ireland.


Benefits of using Rhino Himalayan Rock Salt 

  • Salt (Sodium chloride) is essential for blood formation and metabolic/digestive function.
  • Himalayan Rock Salt is a full spectrum crystal salt. 
  • Salt is essential to promote saliva production and ensure optimum function of the digestive system.
  • Lumps are rock hard and weather resistant.
  • Reduces animals desire to drink urine,lick walls etc.
  • Self-limiting stock with a good supply of salt in existing diets will self regulate salt intake.
  • Approved for organic systems.
  • 100% natural and unprocessed, Stimulates appetite, Helps contain orf in sheep
  • Contains over 70 trace elements, Increased milk production, Very cost effective.

Sodium Chloride   98.10%
Calcium                  0.20%
Magnesium             0.07%
Cobalt                      0.109mg/kg
Copper                     9 mg/kg
Selenium                  0.43 mg/kg

Less than 0.2% insouble matter plus 70 other trace elements

How it is made and where does it come from?

  • Our salt is mined from deep within the foothills of the ancient Himalayan mountain range.
  • The Salt layer/deposits were from an ancient seabed that evaporated some 250 million years ago, still preseving its crystalline structre. 

Why Trace elements?‚Äč
Trace elements/minerals are now universally recognised as being essential in any livestock diet. Although only required in very low levels their presence has a profound effect on livestock health and productivity.

Lack of Salt

  • Lack of appetite
  • Loss of condition
  • Drop in milk production 
  • Desire to drink urine 
  • Reduced growth rates 
  • Fertility troubles 

Rhino Himalayan Rock Salt is available in:

  • 1000kg Bulk Bags = Larger Lumps 
  • 500kg Bulk Bags = Larger Lumps 
  • 250kg Bulk Bags = Larger Lumps 
  •  25kg Retail Bags
  • 5kg Lump with string
  • 3kg Lump with string
  • 1kg Lump with String
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