Rhino Wrap


The Rhino film is an all-round agricultural stretch film. It can be universally used with all bale wrappers and works for all applications.


Our Premium Rhino Silage Wrap is made with High Quality materials and consists of multiple layers of blown Film, meaning that our Rhino Wrap is highly Durable, Strong and ideal for Silage Protection.

Rhino Wrap is the ideal silage film as its improved mechanical properties make it highly reliable and durable and the leading Silage Film.




Due to its improved mechanical properties, e.g. higher ultimate elongation, the film guarantees maximum reliability during the wrapping process on the stretcher.

Structure of film:

Multiple Layer of blown Film – outside highly adhesive PE-LD in combination with polyethylene resins on basis of metallocene and EVA-copolymers.


  • 0,025mm x 500mm x 1.800m
  • 0,025mm x 750mm x 1.500m


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